Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Birthday, Another Decade

You know, I've noticed that whatever age my kids are, I frequently have "flashbacks" to that same time period/age from my own life. (And as we've entered the middle school years, some of it's not been pretty. I'm more than happy to snap back to 2006!) Well this week, not only did Bethany have her 13th birthday, our sweet niece Maggie had her 12th, and we were literally swept back to the 70's for her birthday party. She started a few years ago with a 50's party, and has steadily worked her way through the decades each year.

This week we all got together to celebrate their birthdays, and to drag out some clothes that were perhaps better left in the 70's! Danny (Maggie's Dad, on the left in the picture) went to his mom's house and found some clothes that he had worn in high school- complete with the shoes! (This picture is best viewed with the "bow-baca-waca-waca" 70's style music playing in your head, by the way...)

Uncle Jeff loaned Bethany his hair for this picture (no, the fro wasn't his real hair...) Maggie is wearing a vintage shirt from her father's wardrobe, and Bethany's wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd 1977 concert shirt from Target. (You can change your mental soundtrack from "waca-waca" to "Sweet Home Alabama" if you want.) She is also sporting the disco ball (on her right ear) that usually hangs in her locker.

You may be wondering how the rest of us looked. I worked really hard to get the "wings" in my hair to "feather" just right. I didn't have long hair in middle school, so I would've killed for my hair to look then like I got it to look the other night. We didn't take many pictures, but here's the one Luke snapped of me, just before we left:

It was a fun party! I think maybe we should keep the fun and the memories, and send the clothes back...

Happy birthday, Angels!

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