Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fun with a 'Capitol' "F"

Back in May, I posted about some friends of ours, James and Liz, who got engaged while we were all in Maryland. Well, the wedding was this past weekend in Austin. We made a quick trip down there for it, and we had a blast! Luke was one of the ushers, so we went down Friday for the rehearsal and dinner, then enjoyed a beautiful ceremony Saturday. Their pastor from Alabama did the ceremony, and it was worth the trip just to hear his wonderful message. One of the things that stuck with me was that your spouse should be the greatest recipient of the gifts and talents that God has given you. I needed to hear that.

The kids & friends with the groom before the ceremony.

James and Liz, cutting the cake with his fire ax. (He is a fireman!) He said the guys at the firehouse polished it for over an hour, so it was clean enough to eat off of!

Some of the Maryland friends, together again!

The reception was at a club overlooking the city, which was hopping because of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, as well as those (including President Clinton) who were coming to pay their respects to former Governor Ann Richards who was lying in state in the capitol building. (I'm sure ole Bill stopped to listen to a few of the bands before he left the city...Maybe he even brought his sax!)

Before we left Austin, we went to the Texas History Museum (since we're studying Texas History this year, and what kind of homeschooler would I be???) and we went to watch the bats under the Congress Ave. bridge .

We made it home just in time for another fun week of Awana, and it's been a busy two days of school so far!

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