Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thirteen Candles

I am now officially the mom of a teenager! Bethany celebrated her big 1-3 yesterday. It's been a perfect celebration!

We had some of her best buds lurking in the copy room after Awana Sunday night. I called her on her cell phone while she was hanging out with two other friends (and co-conspirators) and asked her to please go to said copy room and check our mailbox. She walked in while 13 of us jumped up and yelled "Surprise!!!" She was. Very.

The kids enjoyed food and presents until... the limo arrived! Then it was time to pile in and enjoy arriving at teenhood in style! The limo drove everyone around the lake for awhile and then dropped each of them off at home. It was a blast! Her friends absolutely made it SO much fun, picking fun tunes on the radio and cranking the volume, laughing and taking crazy pictures. A perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

That night two of the girls came home with us and had a fun night of do-it-yourself "spa" treatments, complete with facials, pedicures, snacks and giggling.

Yesterday the three amigas and I spent the morning at the mall where they had fun completing a scavenger hunt that Bethany and I had made up ("Find 3 outfits your mom would never let you wear in a million years." "Find 3 purses over $75" "Buy a 25 cent bouncy ball at Old Navy" "Try on at least 3 pairs of shoes" "Count how many people ask you if school's out today"). They shopped, enjoyed Starbucks, tried on fancy dresses, and enjoyed being 13!

This is your time...

This is your dance...

Live every moment, leave nothing to chance.

Swim in the sea, drink of the deep...

Embrace the mystery of all you can be.

This is your time.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

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