Friday, September 22, 2006

Extreme Elmo!

Tickle Me Elmo X TMX Elmo

Even more fun than Hyper-Calvinism, it's Hyper Elmo! Speaking of Christmas gifts, THIS is what is apparently the hot toy this year. It came out this week and it's already sold out everywhere. They are supposed to be $39.99 or so, but they are going for several times that on Ebay already. The original "Tickle Me Elmo" came out ten years ago, at which time Bethany (along with every other 3 year old in America) asked Santa for one. He left her an IOU and a note, saying that the Easter Bunny would bring it. (Which he did! "Thanks, Easter Bunny... ::bock::bock::::")

Kyle and I have been cracking up at this video, which I will post here because this is the closest that most of us will probably get to one this year. Enjoy!

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