Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Like My New "Look?"

A few weeks ago, Laurel was so sweet to link to this post of mine, asking for prayer. So many sweet women dropped by to let me know they were praying for my sister-in-law, I was touched beyond words. Once I got my wits about me, I decided to visit each person who had commented... and that's when I visited Lindsay at My Splatter Painted Life and followed a link to her blog design giveaway. Which I promptly entered. And then a few days later, found out I won! Isn't she good?? (She even cyber-stayed up late with me last night to help me get my links straightened out.) Lindsay, you are the best!

A little about the pictures at the top: These are photos I (or my daughter or husband) have taken as we've traveled in China, Ghana, and France. (You can probably tell which country is which. The palm tree could've been from any of them, but is from Ghana. The shot out of the airplane window is flying over the Alps, and the ocean picture is of some fishing boats off the coast of Ghana.) These are scenes which are woven into my memory, so I wanted to share them with you. God is doing a great work in each of these places, and indeed all over the world. When I see those photos at the top of my blog each day it will remind me to continue lifting up those who are laboring for the Gospel in those foreign lands, and to thank the Lord in advance for those who will meet Him due to their efforts. I am so thankful that He has allowed us to "enter into their labor" for periods of time these past 3 years.

So, I hope you like my new outfit. I know I do. Thanks again, Lindsay!


Lindsay said...

I am so glad you love it!

lrlwreath said...

Oh my goodness, it is beautiful. I did a double take when I came here =)

Holly said...

Love it!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

It's beautiful! Congratulations on winning.
I'm still praying

Jessie's parents said...

What a pleasant surprise! Great new look! I knew right away that those had to be photos from your trips. What a great personal touch.