Monday, February 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

As I just posted, the kids and I are leaving town for a couple of days. My husband is quite self-sufficient and knows his way around the kitchen as well as I do, but I've made sure the fridge is stocked with yummy snacks and left-overs and I baked a new marble cake yesterday. He's set for meals until we come back. When I told my son we were going to visit my grandmother he commented (after he stopped cheering) "Well, get ready for pancakes the size of your plate!" In other words, we won't be starving, either!

But, I do have a plan for once we return, so here it is:

Wednesday: Chili, baked potatoes and salad

Thursday: Crock pot BBQ chicken, steamed veggies

Friday: Beef enchiladas, black beans, guacamole (I didn't make this last Friday, hubby and I ordered pizza for the kids and went out on a date!)

Saturday: Church and out to eat

Sunday lunch: Baked Potato Soup, garlic bread, salad

For some well-planned menus from some of the best cooks on the web, visit Laura at Organizing Junkie. Have a yummy week!


annie said...

Our week is a little different too this time, but different is good. I like your "what about tomorrow?" idea. We do put off so many things that are more important than anything else. Prayers for you, safe travel and a great visit with your grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip! Your menu for when you return sounds wonderful!! Enjoy those big ol' honkin' pancakes, LOL!

devildogwife said...

Have a wonderful trip! Your menu for the rest of the week sounds good.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried to make enchiladas! I'll have to someday soon.

Rona's Home Page said...

Enjoy your trip. We'll look forward to hearing about it upon your return.

Kim said...

Sounds delicious! Have a great trip!