Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Funny

A small country church voted to refurbish their sanctuary. In the interest of frugality and good stewardship, the deacons volunteered to paint the walls themselves. They carefully calculated their budget and purchased the necessary supplies. Early on a Saturday morning, they began to paint. As the work progressed, they began to realize that they had not bought enough paint for the entire job, so they began to thin the remaining supply. As they continued, the paint grew thinner and thinner. They finished that evening, straightened up the sanctuary, turned out the lights and left to let the paint dry overnight.

When the congregation arrived the next morning, they were quite disappointed with the results. The sun streamed through the windows of the sanctuary, revealing the streaky, thinned-out paint job which showed the old paint underneath. The preacher took his place behind the pulpit and silently studied the walls for a few moments, the congregation anxious to hear what he would say. He then turned to the deacons, pointed his finger, and declared in his best preacher-voice, "Repaint! Repaint! Thin no more!"


Jenny in Ca said...


loved it

Anonymous said...

You made me smile! Thanks!

Linda said...

This is one of my Dad's favorite jokes. He told it just a few weeks ago. It's cute!!